Serbian Minister Sues Journalist Over Paradise Papers

A Serbian minister is suing OCCRP partner KRIK for revealing he owns offshore companies and assets worth US$ 100 million. KRIK’s story is based on the Paradise Papers, a massive data leak from a law firm based in Bermuda.

A cartoon depicts Nenad Pokovic gesturing beneath € signs (Photo: KRIK)The law firm Appleby had declared Nenad Popovic, a minister without portfolio, a high risk person after having dug into his background, according to leaked e-mail exchanges between staff members.

Popovic has been a legal resident and taxpayer in Switzerland since 2008 and the leaked documents show that he controls offshore companies registered in Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands (BVI), companies in Russia, and property in at least three countries.

He turned to Appleby with a request to help him manage his empire but the law firm marked him a “high risk” after having found Russian media

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