Ukraine: frustration for the Euromaidan coalition as Poroshenko regime endures another year

The situation in Ukraine four years after the Euromaidan overthrow of the Yanukovitch government could not be worse from the point of view of the masses. Brutal, IMF-inspired cuts in social spending, curtailment of freedom of expression and widespread corruption dominate the scene. So bad is the situation that even Western imperialists have started to openly voice criticism of the Poroshenko regime, which they backed and helped to install.

Dismantling of the healthcare system

Every year since the Euromaidan overthrow, the Ukrainian workers and pensioners have faced a worsening economic situation and massive austerity cuts from the government. This year, it is the healthcare system that has come under attack from the new Minister of Health, Ulana Suprun: a US-born doctor. Backed by the EU and the IMF, the ‘reforms’ come under the transparent guise of ‘modernisation’, and include the closure of many more rural hospitals and the

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