Into the guts of the Bribery Act

Corruption is a complex social, political and economic phenomenon that affects all countries, so said in November 2017 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Action against Corruption and Economic Crime.

Bermuda is not yet a signatory to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, the only legally binding, universal anti-corruption instrument. However, there are many states that have signed up. Nicaragua and South Sudan, by way of two simple examples as signatories, have been assessed to have the highest perceived levels of public-sector corruption according to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 published by Transparency International, which labels itself as the global coalition against corruption. The convention sets the right tone and standard to aspire to. All signatories, it may be argued, have the right intention, whatever else is said.

Bermuda has, though, passed its own legislation, moulded around the British legislation of the Bribery Act of 2010, namely, the

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