The power of reporters, working together


Jan. 26, 2018

The following essay by Charles Lewis is excerpted from a new book, “Global Teamwork: The Rise of Collaboration in Investigative Journalism,” edited by Richard Sambrook and published by the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford. 

The future potential for increased collaborative research and journalism is enormous and exciting to imagine. And the dynamics driving the almost boundless ‘possible’ are the ever-advancing, new computer and other dynamic, related technologies.

Of course, the evolution of communications in general has  always been directly related to technological advances, with redounding benefits to the inherently inquisitive professional journalistic, academic and non-government organization (NGO) research-related communities in particular.

Charles Lewis at American University where he is the co-founder and executive editor of the Investigative Reporting Workshop and a professor in the School of Communication.

Photo by Kris Higgins, IRW


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