Paradise papers show high-profile tax evasion

“The Wolf of Wall Street,” an eccentric cinematic experience filled with corruption, schedule-one drugs and money. It highlights wealth and the true story of Jordan Belfort. It romanticizes fraud, dishonesty, bribery and greed. However, through its highlight reel of corruption, “The Wolf of Wall Street” gives us a brief glimpse into the world of money laundering – but more importantly – offshore accounts. Why is this important? Why do you care about the plot line of an over-dramatized millionaire’s biography? Because it directly relates to a topic in our current political climate: the Paradise Papers.

The Paradise Papers, as stated in a BBC article “Paradise Papers: Everything you need to know about the leak,” are “a huge leak of financial documents that throw light on the top end of the world of offshore finance.” In short, the documents released expose hundreds of politicians, celebrities, multinational corporations and even royalty about their

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