AUD18.3 million of Malaysian taxpayers money distributed among conspirators: Sydney Morning Herald

The Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) on January 27 said a transaction surrounding the purchase of a property in Australia by a public fund from Malaysia has led up to Australian dollar 18.3 million that went into the pockets of conspirators, corrupt officials from Malaysia.

The scandal centres around the vastly inflated valuation of a 280-room city apartment building, UniLodge, which mostly houses overseas students on Swanston Street, near Melbourne University.

The paper said the excess money paid for the property rightly belonged to Malaysian taxpayers and was meant to be used to help the country’s development was wrongfully used.

The newspaper said journalists digging up the Panama Papers and other leaked files found that corrupt Malaysian officials which it said are tied to the ruling Umno party of Prime Minister Najib Razak, were behind both the property scam and

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