Ireland steadily climbs financial secrecy rankings

“Shining light into dark places” is the motto that an organisation called the Tax Justice Network (TJN) gives to its financial secrecy index.

It ranks jurisdictions worldwide according to their levels of secrecy and the scale of their offshore financial activities. The shadiest countries are at the top of this chart and the more transparent, well-behaved ones are further down the list.

TJN, a group dedicated to highlighting the harmful impact of tax evasion, tax avoidance and offshore tax havens, has never been much of a fan of Ireland’s more creative tax policies, so it is a minor surprise that the State has only managed 26th place in the latest edition of the biennial index.

It has, admittedly, been steadily climbing it, gaining 11 places on its 2015 ranking and rising from 47th place in 2013.

Ireland, for the record, is sandwiched between France (25th) and Kenya

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