Bushra Khaliq, CADTM Pakistan : “There are immense impacts of the climate changes on poor communities in Pakistan”

Pakistan looks in political crisis in this moment, can you comment this situation?

To understand the current crisis in Pakistan we have to keep in mind the checkered political history of the country. As a matter of fact Pakistan has never been politically stable since its inception in 1947. During the last 70 years though the political forces has been making efforts to put the country on a democratic track, but unfortunately the military establishment never allowed the democracy to take its roots and managed to dismiss the democratic set ups. The military regimes ruled the country directly for 32 years and for rest of the period, it kept the democratic set ups under its thumb. As a result during the last three decades the democratic and progressive political parties were marginalized to large extent and the right wing, religious and extremist groups got stronger and stronger.

The current crisis can

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