We are getting better, secrecy index shows

Thursday, 8 February 2018

By by Adrian Darbyshire
[email protected]

in Business

It’s no secret – the Isle of Man is getting better at financial transparency.

We are ranked 42nd out of 112 jurisdictions in the latest financial secrecy index produced by the Tax Justice Network.

That places well below the UK, ranked 23rd, Jersey at 18 and Guernsey in 10th position.

Switzerland is top of the new list, with the United States at number 2.

The last financial secrecy index, in 2015, ranked the Isle of Man 32nd out of 92 jurisdictions. Our overall secrecy score is down from 63.8% three years ago to 63.58% this time round.

And during that time our share in the global market for offshore financial services has grown from less than 0.1% in 2015, when the Tax Justice Network described our contribution

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