Laws are there for all

Laws regulate people’s conduct. What matters is that the law rules and that all citizens – with no exception – are treated equally.

A statement made by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in Parliament earlier this month is worrying. He insisted that laws governing the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit – the government’s anti-money laundering agency – had to be safeguarded by people shouldering political responsibility.

He said he would not mention any names because he did not want to be “political”. Still, those who follow the political scene, would have immediately concluded he was addressing Nationalist MEP David Casa who has let it be known he is in possession of a leaked FIAU report, which he intends to publish “in the coming weeks”.

The report, according to Mr Casa, calls for Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi to be investigated for possible money laundering activities in the wake of the dealings unearthed by the Panama Papers.


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