What about the future? – Salvu Felice Pace

It took me some time to decide whether I should bother to make comments about Desmond Zammit Marmarà’s article ‘A party with no future’ (February 1), but then after revisiting the comments that appeared online, I felt compelled to expand on some of them.

Readers referred to the article as “a short-sighted view of history”, “a lot of nonsense”, “an attempt at re-writing history”, “a very biased analysis by a Labour die-hard who is more inclined to beat the Opposition than proposing a better good governance by his leading party” and “foolish, partisan and inaccurate prattle”. Not exactly an accolade to make one feel proud.

What irked me most about Zammit Marmarà’s article is his unequivocal declaration about corruption and good governance. He wrote: “Let me make it clear that I support all those who speak out against corruption and who advocate for good governance in our country. However, this fight has

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