Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant Says He Has The Key To Solve …

Malta must appoint a special anti-corruption judge if it is to get serious on tackling the problem, Labour MEP and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant has said.

“I proposed such a judge with his or her own resources twenty years ago when I was Prime Minister because I thought, and still do, that it was the only real solution against corruption,” Sant said on a Times Talk interview. “Yet everyone opposed it back then – including the Nationalist Party, the judiciary, and the law association. No one has proposed that now.”

In his interview with Times editor Herman Grech, Sant gave a blunt assessment on the corruption situation in Malta.

“We don’t have a consensus on corruption here. As it stands, whenever the PN is in government, everyone who supports the Nationalists – and that includes The Times – don’t look at corruption at all,” he said. “Yet whenever Labour wins the

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