Tax case violates charter, owner of Mossack Fonseca-linked firm says

During the high-flying days of the dot-com boom, stock promoter and venture capitalist Jamie King was said to have it all.

Barely in his 30s, he’d made millions from internet penny stocks and was married to socialite and philanthropist Christie Darbyshire, with whom he’d go on to have five children, living the high life in Point Grey and later Shaughnessy with leases on a Porsche, a Bentley and a Cadillac Escalade. The couple’s wedding reception in May 2000 was described in lavish detail in newspapers, the couple having rented out the Hotel Vancouver’s ballroom for 400 guests, flying in roses from Ecuador and Bryan Adams from London to provide entertainment at a reported cost of $500,000.

“I wanted to have a party,” King told the Vancouver Sun at the time. “My companies have been very successful. I’ve raised over $100 million U.S. in venture capital funding for companies in the

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