No action against money laundering

.The concerned government agencies have so far taken no steps against those named in the Panama Papers, Offshore Leaks and Paradise Papers.

Bangladesh Bank said it had provided information to the Anti-Corruption Commission and that the commission should take steps to this end. The anti-graft body said they were monitoring the situation.
As many as 20 Bangladeshis have been named in the latest edition of the Paradise Papers published by the US-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).
The report said the Bangladeshis had opened offshore companies in Malta, a nation in southern Europe. Although the ICIJ report did not reveal details of their businesses, experts believed these companies were formed to launder black money.
Till date, 87 Bangladeshis have been named in the three lists – 24 in Panama Papers, 32 in Offshore Leaks and 31 in the Paradise Papers (11

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