Gaming intelligence collaboration

The Malta Gaming Authority is concerned that the lack of collaboration between anti-Mafia Italian authorities, the Malta Police Force and regulators might be adversely affecting the fight against irregular gaming activities, which could be a cover for money-laundering.

Sources have confided that, although the regulator was not a law enforcement agency, intelligence about irregular activity involving companies registered in Malta did occasionally reach it. The highest profile case of the Italian Mafia using the Maltese gaming jurisdiction emerged in 2015 when six companies had their assets seized by the Italian police and international law enforcement agencies.

This international operation had revealed that the Calabrian Mafia clan, ’Ndrangheta, owned three Maltese gaming licences linked to two Malta-registered Italian companies and they had been laundering millions of euros.

The heart of the problem is that, extraordinarily, despite Interpol collaboration between the Italian authorities investigating the Mafia and the Malta police and authorities like the Malta

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