JP MP urges Muhith to resign right now | The Daily Star

An opposition MP today in parliament urged Finance Minister AMA Muhith to retire right now, taking responsibility for massive damage in the country’s economic and banking sectors.

“Taking the responsibility, you please go into retirement today not waiting for December and relieve the nation. It’s our urge to you,” Jatiya Party lawmaker Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu said while speaking on a point of order.

He also lambasted Muhith for not taking actions against scams in share market, banking sector and against those involved in Panama and Paradise papers and money laundering. 

Pointing to Muhith’s announcement that he will go into retirement in December, Bablu said, “Why will you continue haemorrhage till December? Please, relieve the people and the country. What do you need to wait until December for? You please go on retirement today and relieve the prime minister and all of us.”

The Paradise Papers are a set of 13.4 million confidential

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