‘Why is being honest so difficult in India?’

Like all other scandals from the near or the distant past during the previous decades, the scam-saga of Nirav Modi too will fade away from public memory. The open brawl between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress to prove that the other is more scam-prone will also get diverted to newer subjects. And, at the end, nothing will have changed: banks’ moneylending to crooked persons, toothless regulators’ investigations and our lackadaisical attitude towards corruption and scams.

India is ranked 79 out of 176 countries in the corruption perception index of the Transparency International. According to a survey conducted by the same agency, it has the highest bribery rate among 16 Asia-Pacific countries, with nearly seven out of 10 Indians who access public services claiming that they had had to pay bribe to get their work done.

Arms purchase, bank loans, land allocations to industries, spectrum auctions, government recruitments, public procurements, contracts,

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