Pakistan – The war within

Pakistan holds a very special place in the hearts of most of the older Indians who see it as a dismembered part of our nation. Families were separated and property was lost. An imaginary and unfinished line was drawn through the sub-continent by Cyril Radcliffe resulting in the largest transmigration of people anywhere in the World and leaving over 2 million dead as a result of politically motivated rioting.

Pakistan, literally means “Land of the Pure.” It is another matter that nothing could be further away from the truth when one looks at its deeds and actions over the last 7 decades. Pakistan is home to Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed, LeT, JeM, Harakatul Mujahideen, Haqqani network and dozens of other terrorist groups and continuous denials by the Pakistani establishment is no longer being accepted by the World.

What has gone wrong with this dream of Jinnah? How is his message of Unity,

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