PM refusing to tell Parliament aide’s business interests

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has shrugged off several questions in Parliament asking for a list of his chief of staff Keith Schembri’s business interests.

Mr Schembri’s business empire spans diverse interests in paper supply, engineering, recycling, grocery and confectionary supplies, interiors, industrial supply and the film industry.

The PN’s good governance spokesman Simon Busuttil initially asked Dr Muscat for a list of all local and foreign companies his chief of staff was involved in.

Dr Muscat refused this request, arguing that the information was “publicly available”.

Many of Mr Schembri’s foreign holdings have only become known thanks to leaks from the Panama Papers and the State’s anti-money laundering agency (FIAU).

A leaked FIAU report showed how Mr Schembri used once-secret companies in Gibraltar and the British Virgin Islands to move money around offshore.

The Panama Papers helped reveal his interest in a Cypriot company together with contractor Pierre Sladden and this paper’s former managing director Adrian

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