Cristina Fernandez Presents Bill to Curb Offshore Societies

From her seat in the Upper House representing the Unidad Ciudadana bloc, the former leader presented the initiative yesterday ‘that aims to modify the Public Ethics Law number 25.188, in order to incorporate a series of prohibitions and sanctions for public officials, from the moment of their designation as for when they are in the exercise itself of their function ‘.

‘We submitt a bill to put a stop to the festival of offshore companies and accounts in tax havens in which the Government of Cambiemos has become,’ the senator said in a note on her social media accounts.

The majority of the Cabinet, she stated, is involved in the international scandals of Panama Papers and Paradise Papers; and the case of the Finance Minister and serial borrower Luis Caputo, is one of the most obscene.

Fernandez remarked that ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back was the designation of

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