We just got a glimpse into where Putin stores his family’s money

In a new chapter of their upcoming book on Russian interference efforts, posted on Friday, Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff and Mother Jones’ David Corn detailed the raft of measures the Obama administration considered — but opted not to implement — in retaliation for Moscow’s meddling. From publishing information on the girlfriends of Russian higher-ups to unleashing denial-of-service attacks on Russian media, the options were wide-ranging.

One suggestion, however, stood apart, and could provide potential leverage for Washington moving forward. Although it was buried halfway through the text, Isikoff and Corn reported that Celeste Wallander, a top analyst with the National Security Council, wanted to target Russian President Vladimir Putin directly. Wallander “proposed leaking snippets of classified intelligence to reveal the secret bank accounts in Latvia held for Putin’s daughters — a direct poke at the Russian president that would be sure to infuriate him.”

It remains unclear how many accounts Wallander, now

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