Bono’s ONE charity scandal shows our whole model of aid must change

Sunday, bloody Sunday. The Irish pop star Bono must have woken yesterday and thought: ‘I can’t believe the news today.’ He must have wished he could close his eyes and make it go away, to misquote his most powerful song. For there was his face on the front of The Mail on Sunday and spread over three pages inside were hideously damning allegations of abuse, bullying, sexual harassment and tax evasion in his ONE organisation’s African headquarters that were aided and abetted for years in London and Washington.

And yes, how long must we sing this song? For here was another aid giant, another group posing as secular saints while preaching about social justice, exposed for grotesque behaviour towards weaker people. ONE joins a lengthening list of sleazy miscreants that includes Oxfam, Save The Children, World Vision and the United Nations. Each time the charges are different, ranging from sex parties

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