Paradise Papers: How Lewis Hamilton Was Both A Villain And A Scapegoat

At the end of the month, the vast majority of us receive a pay slip and quickly notice the tax deduction from our wages. Most are obliged to pay it, recognising the need to do their bit no matter how big or small, to keep national infrastructure going. Hey, as a national population, we even bailed out the financial industry in 2008 without being asked, we are more powerful than we are given credit for.

So when the Paradise Papers were leaked and it emerged that Lewis Hamilton, a man idolised by many racing fans in the UK, was found to be cleverly, legally avoiding £3.3m in tax on a private jet, there was rightly outrage and motorsport fans harangued the Brit for answers on social media. But the pace of the news cycle in the digital age is far quicker than anything Hamilton can do in an F1 car, and

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