Roger Stone’s got big problems

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone is in an increasing amount of trouble in the Russia investigation, it would seem. What’s less clear is how much his trouble might ensnare President Trump.

The Washington Post’s Tom Hamburger, Josh Dawsey, Carol D. Leonnig and Shane Harris just dropped a big report on previously unknown alleged contacts between Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. An anonymous source says Stone spoke in spring 2016 not just about communicating with Assange, but about communications in which Assange actually spoke about having hacked Democratic emails:

Stone, an informal adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump, said he had learned from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that his organization had obtained emails that would torment senior Democrats such as John Podesta, then campaign chairman for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The conversation occurred before it was publicly known that hackers had obtained the

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