Pritzker called ‘liar,’ ‘fraud’ during final Democratic governor debate

Leading Democratic governor candidate J.B. Pritzker was called a “liar” and a “fraud” by two rivals as the billionaire businessman’s ties to secret offshore shell companies became the focus of the final forum of the campaign Wednesday night.

For his part, Pritzker avoided getting into specifics of his financial holdings, and claimed the offshore companies were investment instruments of family trusts established long ago and that charity was the beneficiary, not himself.

“I have no control over those trusts, the entities that are created. Just like all trusts, they make investments, so they were created by the people who control those trusts. And remember, those trusts are focused on charitable giving,” said Pritzker, who has declined to make available his complete tax returns or any returns from the trusts.

Rival Daniel Biss called Pritzker’s explanation an “unbelievable mess of word salad” in contending the Hyatt Hotel fortune heir was trying to

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