Tax avoiders’ accountants may have to give evidence to MPs

Tax avoiders’ accountants face being forced to give evidence before MPs after a Commons committee announced a series of inquiries in the wake of the Panama and Paradise Papers investigations.

A subcommittee of the Treasury select committee will investigate tax avoidance and evasion, as well as whether HMRC offers “sweetheart deals” to multinationals, while the main committee holds an inquiry into VAT policy.

A series of hearings on tax abuse, examining the practices of major accountancy firms, individual tax avoiders and evaders and the use of the UK’s crown dependencies and overseas territories, will be heard over the next six months.

The announcement was made by John Mann, the subcommittee chair, who described the UK’s failure to force the crown dependencies and overseas territories to publish the identities of shell company owners as “a matter of national shame”.

Mann said the subcommittee would examine

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