The ways of the Lord (money) are inscrutable

The resignation of the now ex-president of Peru Pedro Kuczynski, has been one more chapter in the complex network of corruption built between the Brazilian company Odebrecht and his companions of misdeeds of the public and private sector in Latin America. The judicial outcome of this case, made visible by media coverage, has aroused the indignation of a large part of the region’s population, and has projected a negative image of Latin American governments before the world.

It is very good that the populations are indignant because of corruption, because this way we can advance in the construction of another type of society, but that will happen when the populations have complete information about what is happening in their countries and in the world; not only the biased version of the media, which are part of the Great Planetary Corruption, together with sectors of politics and the Judiciary, frontmen of the

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