Lewis heads speaker lineup for 2018 ASBPE national conference

One of the world’s most prominent investigative reporters, Lewis founded two Pulitzer Prize-winning nonprofit news organizations: the Center for Public Integrity and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The latter published the famed “Panama Papers” in 2016, the “Paradise Papers” in 2017 and many other cross-border investigations that exposed widespread global crimes including smuggling and tax evasion.

The title of his keynote talk is “Current Opportunities in Financial Investigative Journalism.”

“Subscribers want to know the nitty-gritty beyond the annual reports and the CEO’s latest speech,” Lewis said. “This remarkable digital age has opened extraordinary possibilities to business reporters and their publications.”

Lewis will also moderate a panel discussion exploring recent challenges in covering the federal government, including efforts to delegitimize journalists, barriers to agency access and freedom of information, and the “fake news” scourge.

Alysha Love, multi-platform editor at CNN Politics, will present her SEO 101 workshop, “Let Me Google That for You:

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