The True Meaning of ‘Socialism With Chinese Characteristics’

This notion of socialism with Chinese characteristics (ChiSoc for short) is an important one.

Any Chinese citizen who doesn’t comply with the rules of ChiSoc can end up without a household registration in life, and without a burial site in death.

Foreigners who haven’t been initiated into its mysteries will keep blindly running into walls if they want to have dealings with Chinese people.

ChiSoc used to be something of a riddle that could only be understood by the creme de la creme of Chinese society. Very few people outside the political establishment knew its true meaning.

But all that has changed with the 2018 constitutional amendments. Now, the true nature of ChiSoc has been made clear for all to see: “The essential distinguishing feature of ChiSoc is the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.”

This is entirely correct. All of the main characteristics of our society can be traced back to the leadership of

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