Neither Bolton, nor Trump is the real problem

John Bolton is back!

Bolton is ridiculously bad. But the key two words in the above sentence are not his name, they are “is back”.

Bad as Bolton is, he is not the problem. Bad as Donald Trump, who brought him back, is, he’s not the problem. The problem is “them” – Republicans. Self-designated conservatives.

In case you need a guide to what’s wrong with Bolton, besides his moustache, recall the Iraq War. Not hard to do, since it’s still going on. And still unwon, by anyone. It was brought to us by – among others – John Bolton. He still believes it was a good thing. He helped massage the “evidence” that the Iraqi regime had weapons of mass destruction. Before that, in 2002, he wanted to go to war with Cuba. Why? Because they were developing weapons of mass destruction! Though that wasn’t true either.

Now he wants another war. What

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