Isle of Man company used by Denis O’Brien featured in Paradise Papers

Blaydon Ltd, the Isle of Man company used by Denis O’Brien to make a payment linked to the apparent data breach at Independent News Media (INM), featured in the Paradise Papers disclosures last November.

The Paradise Papers were based on a leak from offshore law firm Appleby, and documents in the files stated that Blaydon’s bank accounts in the Republic had up to €2 million a month passing through them at times.

Offshore trusts associated with Mr O’Brien and his business affairs are based in the Isle of Man and Barclays Wealth Trustees. Applebys provides services to these trusts and associated companies.

According to the leaked files from the law firm, Barclays decided in 2015 to cease providing services to Blaydon, which had maintained bank accounts here since 2011.

Blaydon is an investment holding company and its one issued share is held by an Isle of Man nominee

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