Why nobody believes your PR anymore

But whether it’s a company’s associations with the NRA, holes in its data security, or unfair treatment of labor in its supply chain, traditional “reputation management” doesn’t work as well as it once did. Here’s why.

Stronger activism is the corollary of weak or uncertain regulation

Moves by the Trump administration to weaken or dismantle regulations have not eased operating conditions for business. They have instead galvanized diverse coalitions of social and environmental activists. Companies must increasingly respond to skeptical, highly organized campaigners who have moved beyond vague aspirations of inclusivity and justice and want to see concrete shifts in corporate policy, risk controls, and internal team capacity. Talking points won’t cut it.

The narrative around politics and private companies is converging

Protestors are coalescing around a potent narrative encompassing human rights, anti-corruption, and environmental justice, and as governments struggle to respond—businesses find themselves pulled into the rip tides. Politicians in democracies

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