FIAU director silent on Konrad Mizzi report

The director of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, Kenneth Farrugia, declined to say if a report on Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi was given to the police, insisting he could not comment on specific cases.

“It’s case specific, we cannot answer, so I cannot tell you that,” Mr Farrugia said when asked by the Times of Malta about the report calling for criminal investigations into activities by Dr Mizzi.

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Mr Farrugia, who took over the reins of the FIAU last year, nine months after its former head, Manfred Galdes, resigned in the wake of the Panama Papers controversy, was fielding questions following the unveiling of the first anti-money laundering strategy on Wednesday.

Nationalist MEP David Casa last February presented in court a report which he said was concluded in March 2017 and that included “details of schemes, systems,

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