Steven Soderbergh Tackling The Panama Papers In Next Film

The always-busy Steven Soderbergh will next direct The Laundromat, a drama about the 2016 Panama Papers data leak. An indie darling in the ’90s and a maker of blockbuster heist movies in the ’00s, Steven Soderbergh has lately evolved into one of the most eclectic, innovative and impossible to pin down directors in all of Hollywood. This year, Soderbergh unleashed yet another cinematic curveball with Unsane, a horror movie starring Claire Foy that was shot entirely using an iPhone. He also brought his innovations to television with Mosaic, a murder mystery released both as a traditional HBO series and as a mobile phone app.

Over the course of his zigging and zagging career, Soderbergh has also had occasion to tackle hard-hitting, topical dramas that showcase his talent for weaving complex stories. One of the director’s greatest triumphs came in 2000 with

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