Undi Power: M’kini’s spotlight on electoral system shortlisted for award

Malaysiakini project that highlights the problem of malapportionment in the electoral system has been shortlisted for the annual Global Editors Network (GEN) Data Journalism Awards.

The Undi Power game allows users to find out how ‘powerful’ their vote is compared to voters of other constituencies, based on the electoral roll of the first quarter of 2016.

The project demonstrates how some constituencies are over- or underrepresented, thereby violating the ‘one person, one vote’ principle that helps ensures equality in a democracy.

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Undi Power is shortlisted for the News Data App of the Year Award alongside the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and three others for creating the “best data journalism application.”

Undi Power is not the only election-themed entry for the category, with FiveThirtyEight’s The Gerrymandering Project highlighting the problem of redistricting in the US.

Electoral watchdog groups like Bersih have long argued that both gerrymandering and malapportionment

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