The Odesa Mafia’s Secret Flats in London

This turns out to be an old red brick building with a blue plate honoring the fact that British poet T.S. Eliot once lived there. Reporters found that Angert sold the apartment in 1999 for $2.5 million.

Ukrainian media has reported that Angert is dead.

But American businessman Sam Kislin, an acquaintance of Angert originally from Odesa who often spends time in Ukraine, says otherwise. “Angert now lives in Turkey. He was persecuted in England and he moved to Turkey,” Kislin says. He says he last saw Angert in Odesa last year.

Asked about reports that Angert had died of cancer in May 2017, Kislin laughed. “When someone wants to hide, he says to all that he died. He is not dead. I know 100 percent that he’s alive,” Kislin said. A second source also personally familiar with Angert confirmed to reporters that Angert lives in the Turkish resort town of Bodrum.


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