Malta Approves Three Pro-Crypto Bills. Just Another Red Carpet for Corruption?

Malta’s cabinet has approved three bills to regulate cryptocurrency and blockchain industries within the country, including ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

ICOs are regarded by some as an innovative, efficient, disruptive and democratic means of funding start ups. Critics like former Wall Street risk analyst and Bitcoiner Tone Vays, however, have stated that ICOs deregulate venture capital disastrously and in a manner similar to how US mortgage markets were deregulated leading up to the 2008 housing crash.

Crowdfund Insider has done several stories this year profiling the German company Neufund, who offer a sort of online ICO vending machine portal that generates legally compliant ICOs built on Ethereum for participating companies.

Neufund’s services may offer an improved equity proposition for ICO investors and have at least innovated a means of printing smart contracts as PDFs to enhance their real world

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