Making a Malta You Can’t Refuse: Iran Sanctions and Money Laundering Investigation Reaches Pilatus Bank in Malta

The U.S. criminal charges against Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, described
in Part One of this blog, exposed an
alleged international sanctions evasion and money laundering scheme created by
one of the wealthiest families in Iran, using passports for sale from St. Kitts
Nevis, Swiss and Turkish shell companies, Swiss bank accounts, and U.S. real
estate.  The arrest of Mr. Hasheminejad has
set off a chain of events in Malta, where he was chairman of Pilatus Bank.  Mr. Hasheminejad’s role at Pilatus Bank
raises questions about whether the alleged sanctions evasion and money
laundering conspiracy extended to Malta, and whether any upcoming
investigations will compromise Malta’s drive to become a magnet for
cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses.

Pilatus Bank and
Corruption in Malta

Pilatus Bank is a recently founded financial institution
that had ambitious Europe-wide plans and significant political connections in
Malta.  Licensed by the Malta Financial
Services Authority (MFSA) in January

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