Prove money laundering or quit, Nawaz asks NAB chief

ISLAMABAD – Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday asked National Accountability Bureau [NAB] Chairman Javed Iqbal to prove the money laundering allegations against him within 24 hours or quit.

Speaking at a news conference here, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supremo alleged that NAB chief was involved in his character assassination and media trial.

Taking unmindfully a lead from an article published in an Urdu daily months ago, NAB chairman rushed to announce launching of probe against the embattled former prime minister over allegations that he laundered $4.9 billion to India.

But the move backfired as the media was quick to point out that the falsity of the allegations had already been proved two years ago when the issue arose in the wake of World Bank report.

Talking about this issue, Nawaz said, “The NAB chairman [Justice (r) Javed Iqbal ] has made it his mission to defame me. I have pointed towards the biased

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