Paradise Papers: Secret Documents Reveal Environmental Groups Invest in Oil Drilling

When most of us donate our time or money to a nonprofit, we expect it to go to a mission we support, but a News4 I-Team investigation found some of the world’s biggest environmental groups have been investing in the oil and gas industry for years.

This information came to light as a result of the Paradise Papers, a trove of 13 million leaked documents that offer a rare glimpse into the secretive world of offshore investing.

One such document, a credit agreement, shines light on some members of a $2 billion private equity fund invested largely in things like oil drilling and exploration, which directly contradicts their environmental mission.

“When I heard it, I was appalled and shocked,” said Gracie Brett, a rising Senior at American University. She’s fighting to get her school to pull its investments out of fossil fuels and has volunteered with a

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