Meryl Streep Takes On The Panama Papers In A New Film By …

Following the success of The Post, a film by Steven Spielberg about the publication of confidential (and controversial) documents concerning the Vietnam war at the beginning of the 1970s by the Washington Post (for which Meryl Streep was nominated for Best Actress at the 2018 Oscars), the legendary actress will star in the retelling of the Panama Papers affair in the next film by Steven Soderbergh, as The Hollywood Reporter reports today.

Meryl Streep in Pentagon Papers (2017). (© 20th Century Fox)

Entitled The Laundromat, the feature film – based on the book Secrecy World: Inside the Panama Papers Investigation of Illicit Money Networks and the Global Elite by Jake Bernstein, released in 2017 – will revisit the leaking by an anonymous whistleblower of the existence of a sizeable tax evasion system encompassing hundreds of thousands of offshore companies in Panama. The scandal, revealed in 2016, involved numerous prominent

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