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So just further to what Christopher was reporting, Andrew Colvin originally said he wanted no threshold for his officers to be able to ask for your ID at airports. He later changed that to “low” threshold. These are paraphrased quotes from the hearing.

Nick McKim: You don’t need threshold to have conversation. You’re not asking for lowering of threshold, you’re asking for no threshold.

Colvin: Correct.

McKim: So AFP officer can go up to someone and demand they show ID. I think this is unprecedented in Australia’s history to give police the powers to demand ID with no suspicion that someone is committing an offence.

Colvin: It’s not unprecedented, unusual. There are instances under state legislation.

McKim: I think this is a step too far down the road to authoritarianism in Australia.

Derryn Hinch, who supports the regulation change, said he was still worried about racial profiling, basing his concerns on what he sees occurring

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