Guardian and BBC settle Paradise Papers dispute with offshore law firm Appleby

The Guardian and BBC have settled a dispute with offshore law firm Appleby after it tried to force the disclosure of documents which informed their Paradise Papers reporting.

Appleby filed a breach of confidence claim against the titles in December after a global investigation into the offshore tax activities of the world’s richest people and companies, based on more than 13m documents.

About 380 journalists from 96 media organisations around the world took part in the Paradise Papers investigation, but the Guardian and the BBC were the only ones to face any legal action.

According to the Guardian, Appleby had demanded the disclosure of any of the 6m documents it owned that had informed the reporting of both organisations.

Both had pledged to defend their roles in the investigation, with the Guardian calling the legal action an “attempt to undermine our responsible public interest journalism and to force us to disclose documents that

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