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An investigation launched into the wealth of prosecutor Ornela Rrumbullaku, who is responsible for some of the Durrës Prosecution Office’s most important cases, revealed a possibly massive money laundering scheme. At the center of this scheme, according to data acquired by Lajme.al, is the prosecutor’s husband, businessman Alban Mësonjësi. It seems he has been responsible for the entry into the Albanian financial market of at least four companies listed on the international blacklist that came out of the Panama Papers scandal.

Prosecutor Ornela Rrumbullaku was appointed to the Durrës Prosecution Office after Arta Marku was appointed as Temporary General Prosecutor, in mid December 2017. Rrumbullaku came under media scrutiny as she was appointed to two of the cases closely involving Marku: the investigation into the illegal extradition of Nazer Seitaj, considered the financier

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