Meet the top 10 most corrupt politicians of Pakistan

politicians are known for of acquiring ill-gotten wealth. They are
open to bribery and indulge in corruption in a brazen manner,
unrepentantly. They generate
illicit money through various means by misusing their administrative
and discretionary powers, in league with equally corrupt bureaucracy.
Since Pakistani politicians control government contracts and have the
powers to allot government’s lucrative civil and other jobs, they
are open to bribery in lieu of favors. In addition they also amass
illegal wealth by demanding an “administrative fee” for getting
the government business
done. Pakistani ministers were also found to be signing and issuing
paper slips, directing bureaucrats to do the requisite jobs of
contestants in exchange of bribe or political support they get. Thus,
Pakistani politicians and ministers always remain open to
negotiations for an appropriate price to extend “administrative”
assistance with a right price.

corruption amongst politicians provides

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