West Africa: Tax Evasion Without Borders


“On paper, the company that engineered and built the [$50 million mineral sands] processing plant [in Senegal] was SNC Lavalin-Mauritius Ltd, a local division of SNC Lavalin [Canada]. In reality, SNC Lavalin-Mauritius wasn’t involved. It was a shell, created for the specific purpose of helping the engineering giant avoid tax payments. The company had no construction equipment and no office of its own. It operated from inside the Mauritius office of the offshoring law firm Appleby, which helped SNCLavalin create the shell company.” – West Africa Leaks

This case, in which a Canadian company evaded an estimated $8.9 million in taxes that would have been due to the Senegalese government, through a shell company based in Mauritius, is only one example from the West Africa Leaks series from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) just released in late May. ICIJ worked with 13 local journalists in 11

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