Mining the Panama Papers and other leaks to reveal the hidden looting of West Africa by its corrupt elite

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists teamed up with the Norbert Zongo Cell for Investigative Journalism (Cenozo) to delve deep into 27.5 million files from the Offshore Leaks, Swiss Leaks, Panama Papers and Paradise Papers to investigate how the super-rich in 15 West African countries have looted their countries’ wealth and then smuggled it offshore through a network of tax-havens, even as their countries starve.

The resulting package is dizzying and infuriating. West Africa is one of the world’s poorest, slowest-developing region, and yet it has produced a coterie of super-rich, super-corrupt strongmen who have spread their wealth out among enablers from the rich world (such as Canada’s SNC Lavalin, who laundered millions through Mauritius, depriving Senegal of desperately needed tax funds).

The full list of stories is here, in French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Here are profiles of the

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