Panama beneficiary makes hey at public expense

ISLAMABAD: If nepotism, favouritism and abuse of power had any face, it would be Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) where corrupt and crook officials have not only found refuge but have also employed blue-eyed comrades to make hey on the expense of the taxpayers’ money.

The case of Irteza Ali Qureshi, a prominent figure emerged in Panama Papers scandal is one example. Qureshi has been hired as the chief financial officer by OGDCL Chairman Zahid Muzaffar despite the fact that Qureshi has no prior experience of working in any oil and gas exploration company or oil industry.

Despite the fact that the name of Qureshi was featured in the Panama Papers back in April 2016 as the director of Casa Verona Holdings Limited, OGDCL did not take any action against him. Rather, his salary was increased after his name surfaced in the Panama Papers as Qureshi acted as the director of

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