Yair Netanyahu refuses to accept apology in libel case, demands compensation

The prime minister’s son Yair Netanyahu told a court Tuesday that he was refusing to accept an apology to settle a libel suit because the attempt to make amends was not sincere enough to satisfy his demands for justice.

Netanyahu sued over a Facebook post that claimed his father asked the Mossad to issue him a passport in a different name, which he then used to hide money offshore.

He sued activist Abie Binyamin for NIS 140,000 ($40,000) in compensation for making the claims in the post on August 17, 2016.

Netanyahu told the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court that an apology issued by Binyamin “is not a full apology,” the Hebrew-language Ynet website reported. “He didn’t say it never happened.”

It was not clear when Binyamin had issued the apology.

Judge Avi

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