El Kasco – Manuel Delia

Robert Musumeci, who is now formally advising the government not only about ODZ deve­lopments and the ‘legitimate expectation’ people are supposed to have to do with their property as they please, but also about how our democracy is supposed to be reformed, has shifted from his campaign tagged #galizia­barra to a campaign against the hate that he says motivates criticism of Keith Schembri.

Jason Micallef, condemned by the world’s literary community and boycotted by his predecessor and successors as curators of Capi­tal of Culture programmes for his relentless vilification campaign against Daphne Caruana Galizia, is also advising us to reflect and pause on the language of criticism.

The tide of attack is realigning in defence. The game is shifting. Schembri is shielding himself and he’s putting in front of him bullet fodder, including, incredibly, the Prime Minister.

Last Monday, Joseph Muscat stood in Parliament to deny accusations about his chief of staff’s banking

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